The Senior Home Safety Specialist® course empowers professionals with actionable ways to better help educate clients, older adults and their family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, fire safety, crime prevention, and the importance of a complete home safety assessment and recommended modifications.

This 5-hour online self-paced educational course offers the only designation of its kind to individuals within the senior services industry. Upon successfully completing the entire course, you will receive an attractive certificate along with a digital copy of the designation emblem to use in your marketing, social media and public relations efforts.

This program has been approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) for .5 CEU/ contact hours and your certificate will state this along with the approval number (APP00000170). Age Safe America, LLC is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. Course approval ID# 5285. This distance learning-independent course is offered at 0.5 CEUs, introductory level, foundational knowledge. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA or indicate AOTA approval of a certification or other professional recognition.

Sign-up (watch for verification email—maybe in spam), then login to purchase the course. Once you log in and begin the course, the first thing you will want to do is download the Home Safety Assessment and Participant Note Pad under FILES at the top of the page and print them out for reference. YOU MUST FINISH THE COURSE WITHIN 60-DAYS! Enjoy!


– Fall Prevention Myths and Solutions
– Fire Safety Precautions and Solutions
– Aging-in Place Home Modifications
– Mobility and Accessibility Issues
– Home and Senior Safety Technologies
– Considerations for Alzheimer's/Dementia
– Crime Prevention and Personal Safety
– Senior Exploitation, Identity Theft and Scams
– Communication with Older Adults and Family
– Performing a Complete Home Safety Assessment


“Age Safe America has developed a tremendously comprehensive training. I would recommend all professionals working with older adults in the home make this part of their overall certifications, such as CPR and AED, because it will save lives.” – Oscar E. Rodriguez, MD MBA

“A comprehensive course with a perfect fit of content, information, and pacing. Variety of topics were above my expectation. As an Occupational Therapist and Certified Aging In Place Specialist I know this knowledge will be used in my daily work. For anyone working with seniors, their families, caregivers and the community this course is a must.” – Raphaele Wagner, MS, OTR/L, CAPS, CHC

“Very good and helpful! I really enjoyed the course and feel it will strengthen my skills as a home care occupational therapist. I would recommend this course to other professionals.” –Andrea Donchez, Occupational Therapist

“I enjoyed all aspects of the videos, the walkthroughs and especially the hand outs. It will enhance our home assessments at work along with an opportunity to create a new line of work in our community, as Medicare is shortening skilled rehab stays.” – Kelsy Cofield, Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA)

“The information in this course is excellent. I have been working with the senior population as an Occupational Therapy Assistant for 6 years. I’ve been on a lot of home evaluations and I must say that the material presented in this course is highly relevant and accurate, and I learned a great deal of new information regarding home safety modifications for seniors. I highly recommend.”. – Jay Chapman, Occupational Therapist

“This course was very thorough with minimal redundancy. Having been a COTA for 30+ years, there were some things I hadn’t even thought of or was aware of. Thank you Age Safe for increasing my knowledge and awareness of safety options!” – Kathleen Hulme, Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA)

“As a senior center professional and administrator of our Minor Home Repair programs the additional information will help me do my job better. I see our program offering several more classes on home safety based on what I learned. Thank you!” – Karen S Adcock, SDC Director of Senior Services, City of Auburn Hills, MI


There are no formal educational prerequisites for this course. The Senior Home Safety Specialist® designation is offered to all individuals committed to the care, comfort, safety and security of older adults.


Due to the constantly changing nature of this growing industry, the importance of consistently providing the full comprehensive home safety assessment, and to encourage ongoing continuing education, graduates are required to take a short refresher course every year. The cost of re-certification and the refresher course will be $97.00

  • Course Intro and Tutorial
  • Introduction
  • LMS Tutorial
  • Training Modules
  • Fall Prevention Myths and Solutions
  • Fall Prevention Quiz
  • Fire Safety Precautions and Solutions
  • Fire Safety Quiz
  • Preparing the Home for Persons with Alzheimer's
  • Preparing the Home for Persons With Alzheimer's Quiz
  • Home Technology
  • Home Technology Quiz
  • Crime Prevention
  • Crime Prevention Quiz
  • Scams and Identity Theft
  • Scams and Identity Theft Quiz
  • Communication Challenges
  • Communication Challenges Quiz
  • HSA Introduction and Exterior Spaces
  • HSA Entry and Inside the Home
  • HSA Bathrooms
  • HSA Kitchen and Laundry
  • HSA Bedrooms and Closets
  • HSA General Safety
  • Home Safety Assessment Quiz 1
  • HSA Safety Concerns for Alzheimer's and other Dementias
  • Home Safety Assessment Quiz 2
  • Sample Home Walkthrough
  • Sample Home Walkthrough1
  • Sample Home Walkthrough2
  • 4 Short Home Safety Reviews/Tips
  • 4 Short Home Safety Reviews and Tips Quiz
  • Deeper Dive Modules
  • Grab Bar Deeper Dive
  • Lighting Deeper Dive
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Survey
  • AOTA Course Survey/Review
  • Closing Instructions
  • Closing Instructions
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Introduction, LMS Tutorial, Fall Prevention Myths and Solutions, Fall Prevention Quiz, Fire Safety Precautions and Solutions, Fire Safety Quiz, Preparing the Home for Persons with Alzheimer's, Preparing the Home for Persons With Alzheimer's Quiz, Home Technology Quiz, Crime Prevention, Crime Prevention Quiz, Scams and Identity Theft, Scams and Identity Theft Quiz, Communication Challenges, Communication Challenges Quiz, HSA Introduction and Exterior Spaces, HSA Entry and Inside the Home, HSA Bathrooms, HSA Kitchen and Laundry, HSA Bedrooms and Closets, HSA General Safety, Home Safety Assessment Quiz 1, HSA Safety Concerns for Alzheimer's and other Dementias, Home Safety Assessment Quiz 2, Sample Home Walkthrough1, Sample Home Walkthrough2, 4 Short Home Safety Reviews/Tips, 4 Short Home Safety Reviews and Tips Quiz, Grab Bar Deeper Dive, Lighting Deeper Dive, Closing Thoughts, AOTA Course Survey/Review, Closing Instructions"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year